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  I am Carolina Lavoignet your Wedding Planner

 Let me introduce myself, I studied in Tecnologico de Monterrey  ITESM,  I am bachelor in International  Business with a speciality in  events and marketing.

 I follow my dreams and arrived in Mexican Caribbean,  to    start  doing events in this white sands and turquoise sea paradise in  Mexico

 I am a dreamer, a romantic a truely beliver in LOVE and LOVE  STORIES. 

 Thats why each of our weddings reflects how I imagine my  own wedding  look  like, with all of the differents styles you give us to  work with,  enjoying  each color palette you have in mind, each  flower, design, deccor of  YOUR DREAMED WEDDING!!

 As a dreamer I am, I love to be part of your love story, get to  know since the  begining of your relationship, and leave  in this  important day significant details as your favorite song, your  first  date, let you remember how that first kiss feels and  leave in  this story  a little part of me, helping you in this such special  day  in  your  lives.

 See you at Riviera Maya. My pleasure, be part of your LOVE  STORY


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